The Huawei Watch is the best-looking Android Wear

A lot of smartwatches brand themselves as unisex, however the Huawei Watch is one of the few that actually deliver. It has a classic design with a 42mm ornate watch-face and stainless steel mesh strap – giving it a sleek stylish look.

Plus the screen, which is always on, offers over 40 different watch-face designs. And if that wasn’t enough, there are a number of downloadable apps to help you customize your watch further.

The Huawei is powered by Android, but will handily connect to an iPhone as well.

It also has one of the highest resolution screens yet at 286 ppi. While not in use the screen remains bright but goes into power saving mode, providing a watch that lasts about 2 days before it needs charging again – which in the smartwatch world is pretty impressive.

In a typical Android Wear™ fashion, you receive notification cards for new emails, Facebook posts and events. Plus there are a range of games and apps available, in addition to three Huawei fitness tracking apps – so if you’re serious about getting fit in the New Year this is the watch for you!